Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is Neo Philosophy?

Neo Philosophy is a term I created to describe the "philosophy of the individual". It recognizes that each person has their own unique way of being in the world. What dictates this way of being is an underlying personal philosophy of that person, whether realized or unrealized, examined or unexamined. As such, it incorporates all philosophies and integrates them through the lens of the individual person. It represents a new branch of philosphy as well as a new era in philosophical history following the age of Contemporary Philosophy.

Rayism is a branch of Neo Philosophy. It is also my Neo Philosophy, and Neo Philosophy is Rayism. Rayism is the "philosophy of paradox". It is a unifying description of everything: everything is everything, everything is nothing, nothing is nothing. It is related to nondualism and relativism, however, it also asserts the truth of dualism and absolutism, hence it is a primary paradox. Rayism is a way of perceiving, understanding, and being in the world. Things are and they aren't.

One needs not be a student of Neo Philosophy/Rayism to be a Neo Philosopher/Rayist. The underlying principles of the way in which one's life unfolds and the way in which one navigates their world is their "ism". These terms are descriptions of being. They can be considered both theory and law, either theory or law, or neither theory nor law. If one rejects the basic tenets of Neo Philosophy/Rayism, that person is still considered to be a Neo Philosopher/Rayist. This rejection is part of that individual's Neo Philosophy.